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What We Do

small spaces

Let us help you make your bathroom or small room functional and beautiful.

large spaces

Large spaces include kitchens, master bedrooms and the like.

entire homes

We will help you design a complete remodel from existing blueprints or an established home.

new construction + additions

We will help you design a new home from the ground up complete with 3D renderings and our design assistance through the entire process.

For an Addition to an existing home with prints, 3D renderings and our design assistance.

fees include:

*Complimentary phone consultation.

*Conceptual Design Consultation - visit includes walk through of site, preliminary room sketch, and in-depth discussion to ascertain style options, budget and time frame estimates and other project needs.

*Design development/Presentation - Complete measurements and take inventory. Finalize and present design options/recommendations and requirements.

*Provide a 3D layout with furnishings, color schemes, interior finishes, wall, floor, window and lighting treatments etc., as required and able.

*Create and oversee a project plan to include aquiring products, referring contractors, coordinating deliveries and installations, arranging furnishings and accessories, etc.

*Checking in during the process.

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